Pierogies. Pittsburgh.

Only a smidgen of common sense kept me from adding Stanley Cup to the title. Click through for a treatment of an enthusiasm shared by at least three of our members: The Art of Handmaking Pierogies, Pittsburgh’s Most Beloved Food.


2 responses to Pierogies. Pittsburgh.

  1. mikeschultz – Author

    From the Times today: How to Master Pierogies

    The comments at the Times include many fine recollections, including an idea to stuff the dough with prune plums and dust the cooked pierogies with walnuts and powdered sugar. This one, which reminds me of cooking with Linda’s grandmother, is my favorite—

    My grandfather fled to Canada as a “white” Russian during the Russian revolution. My grandmother and mother followed a couple of years later. In my 20s, I moved across the country to pursue my career, leaving behind those meals of perogies that I loved. Store-bought just weren’t the same so I made the pilgrimage back to baba’s to get her recipe. She was thrilled. We entered her kitchen sanctum. She pulled out the necessary ingredients and went to work, me scribbling feverishly on the side counter to ensure I got every nuance. At the end I had everything except the portions of the ingredients. When I asked her how much of each one she replied, “until it’s right”. So, there is a recipe after all.

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