Club Beginnings


I stumbled across the June/July 1999 issue of Freely Speaking, the newsletter of a young Nancy Brinker Toastmasters this afternoon. We must have been proud of ourselves because there’s a full column titled Some Notable People and Events of the Last Year. What had we done in our first year as a club?

  • Chartered June 23, 1998
  • Chartering Luncheon September 13, 1998, at Officer’a Club, Washington Navy Yard
  • 1998 Club Communication Achievement Award to Randi Martin, WASH-FM
  • Club Sponsors: Linda Schultz, Gayla Reilly
  • Club Mentors: Paula Emerick, Michelle James
  • Club Officers: Tammy Kukla, Shelley Mitchell, Lynn Drake, Lynn Normand, Felicia Badoo Ballard, Larry Welch
  • 1998 Toastmaster of the Year: Shelley Mitchell
  • 1998 Muggie Award (Community Service): Lynn Drake
  • 1998 Most Improved Speaker: Lynn Normand
  • 1998 Schweitzer Awards: Ross Heath, Cindy Juvan, Benny Budiman, Marie Brooker, Susan Trivers, Bill Webster, Joan Carr-Voight
  • 1998 Boomerang Awards: Karen McMillan, Darrick Milligan, and Benny Budiman
  • 1998 Humorous Speech Contestant: Lynn Normand
  • 1999 Table Topics Contestant: Tammy Kukla; and International Speech Contestant: Lynn Drake. Both made it to the Division Contest
  • 15 new CTMs: Felicia Badoo Ballard, Cherie Mitchell, Megan Isenhower, Lynn Normand, Peter Colwell, Eric Shirazi, Ross Heath, Tom Corbley, Richard Egger, Bill Webster, Susan Trivers, Cindy Juvan, Micheline Mescher, Darrick Milligan, Joan Carr-Voight
  • 1 new ATM-B: Michelle James
  • 4 new DTMs: Rick Barnish, Cynthia Miller, Linda Schultz, Paula Emerick
  • 1999 Century Awards (CTM in 100 days or less): Eric Shirazi, Bill Webster, Susan Trivers, Joan Carr-Voight
  • 1999 Wonder Awards (CTM in 100-150 days): Peter Colwell, Ross Heath, Cindy Juvan
  • 1999 Distinguished Speakers Series: Cindy Lambrix (Ashburn-Sterling). Kaki King (Loudoun),  John Cartmill (Reston-Herndon), Peter Sather (Komen)
  • 8 Speechcrafts completed in over 500 man-hours of community service
  • 83 new, dual, or reinstated members
  • 12 officers trained
  • Club Strategic Marketing Plan completed October 1998
  • Freely Speaking entered into Top Ten Bulletin Contest, January 1999
  • 50 issues of Briefly Brinker
  • Club Success Plan published quarterly includes personal goals for about 50% of members
  • December 12, 1998: We hosted the 6th annual Holiday Edutainment, a combination education, entertainment, and awards program
  • December 19, 1998: Club raised $284 ringing bell for Salvation Army
  • And so much more…

Must have been quite a year.


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