Travel destinations for Toastmasters

Do you plan to travel north next year? The Times published a Fine Arts and Exhibits section this morning that contains some articles relevant to speakers and make a trip to Boston or New York City sound tempting.

At the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston you can display your oratorical skills.  “A sculpture by Amalia Pica, ‘Now, Speak!,’ is a granite lectern that hundreds of visitors have stood at to read historical speeches or expound on current topics extemporaneously.” (Grammarians will appreciate the correct word choice of lectern in the quotation.)

Long Before Twitter, Martin Luther Was Media Pioneer offers the somewhat startling observation that  “We like to say if Martin Luther was alive today, he would use Twitter” and offers a simple statement of why Toastmasters work so hard to develop their skills:

He said he hoped that viewers would leave with an understanding of the scale of Luther’s undertaking and that it was not only what Luther said, but how he said it. “One person can change the world with a strong message,” Dr. McQuillen said.


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