Year-end evaluation, one more time

I thought I was through with end-of-year posts for a while; them I saw this list of questions tailored to speakers—

  1. When did you have fun as a speaker?
  2. What good risks did you take and how were you outside your public speaking comfort zone?
  3. What gave you the most meaning as a speaker?
  4. How did you handle the tough times in your public speaking this year?
  5. How did you become more authentic as a speaker?
  6. What healthy habits did you put into place, specifically to support your speaking or speechwriting?
  7. Who were your sources of support for your speaking?
  8. When were you too hard on yourself about a speech or presentation?
  9. How were you more mindful in your approach to public speaking?
  10. What did you learn about yourself as a speaker?

via Denise Graveline


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