Field trips for Toastmasters

In the Washington Post today, this word—

Bowser has selected a team led by Friedman, a former elementary school reading instructor who is married to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, to turn the historic former school overlooking Franklin Square into a $50 million museum dedicated to language and linguistics, dubbed Planet Word….

Friedman said she had committed to spending at least $20 million of her own money to restore the building and turn it into a free-for-entry museum using technology to explore speech, literature, journalism and poetry.

“That connection — between language and technology — is what’s happening in linguistics right now,” she said. “All the people in linguistics are so excited, because all of these changes and this excitement is happening in their field. But it is happening under the radar.”

The article does not supply much information about the museum, but there is a blog with some interesting articles. First to catch my eye, My Five Favorite Words by Erin McKean.


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