Accelerate your growth as a speaker


Brinker will mark its participation in the 2017 International Speech Contest with its club contest at our meeting on March 11. You are eligible to take place if you have completed at least six speeches in the Competent Communications manual, and you won’t want to miss this chance to build your speaking skills. Our Past International President Dilip Abayasekara, himself a finalist in the International Speech Contest, further says

When the Toastmaster places him/her self in the heat and pressure of a speech contest, when he or she works with diligence and passion under the deadlines of speech contests to research, write, practice, get feedback, re-write, practice, and finally deliver, that ‘diamond in the rough’ loses some of its roughness and begins to sparkle in a way that would not have been possible so quickly any other way.  If you want to accelerate your growth as a communicator, then complement your manual speeches, table topics, and evaluations by entering speech contests and giving it your all.

The winner of our contest will advance to the Area 36 contest on March 22. For information about contest rules and procedures, please contact VPE Margaret Farchtchi.


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