What Happened to Who?

If the New York Times Sunday Review section ran a Toastmasters club, I think (a) I’d like to attend and (b) I’ll bet Frank Bruni would present the longest possible, but awfully interesting, Grammarian reports. “What Happened to Who?” is a half-page discussion of the proper use of the relative pronouns who and that, and the New Yorker’s Comma Queen even makes an appearance. You might not agree with some of the political opinions expressed (it is an op-ed), but read the whole article to get to the final paragraphs and an exposition of why it matters when we say that to refer to a person instead of who.

Also in today’s paper: Li Po, the Chinese poet who was the subject of a conversation during the break at yesterday’s meeting, is a central figure in Amid the Spanish Moss of Florida, a Treasure Chest of Chinese Literature.

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