A Patron Saint for Toastmasters?

Curiosity can lead to some strange places. I was reading an article about Easter observances, and I was startled to see

In England, this journey came to be called “the Harrowing of Hell,” a term coined by Aelfric the Grammarian around the year 1000.

Forget Easter. I had to find out if there really was an Aelfric and why he ws called “the grammarian.” He turns up in Wikipedia, and the entry for Aelfric says

After the two series of homilies, he wrote three works to help students learn Latin, the Grammar, the Glossary and the Colloquy. In his Grammar, he translated the Latin grammar into English, creating what is considered the first vernacular Latin grammar in medieval Europe. His glossary is unusual in that the words are not in alphabetical order, but grouped by topics. Finally, his Colloquy was intended to help students to learn how to speak Latin through a conversation manual. It is safe to assume that the original draft of this, afterwards maybe enlarged by his pupil and copyist, Ælfric Bata, was by Ælfric, and represents what his own scholar days were like.

There’s no word on whether he was Toastmaster.


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