Idea to Adapt

Those are just some of the captivating, authentic stories you’ll see at The Post Up project, where overhead screens show an ever-rotating display of jumbo postcards of life-changing destinations, all of them shared by conference attendees. Tablets are scattered throughout the well-designed space – picture the living room of your dreams, filled with comfortable chairs and sofas and, oh yes, a station staffed by expert baristas in the center — so people can take a moment to input their most memorable trips. Following the simple prompt “This place changed me,” you type in you anecdote and then upload an image of the place directly from your phone if you have it.

My mind started to wander as I read this post from the TED conference. I began to think about places that have inspired me and the things they motivated me to do or to dream about. How might we adapt this idea, do you think, to seed speech ideas among our members and to motivate achievement?

(The District 29 conference is coming soon. How can we use this idea to share ideas from the conference with those who are unable to attend?)


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