Where do you hear good speaking?

One of the ways we could share ideas in the club is to share examples of good speaking.  I don’t think it’s unusual to see or hear something that I think is an example of good speaking. You probably know the feeling—I think I wish I could do that or say it so convincingly. You might say she said that really well.

Here are a few examples of speaking that get my attention.

Michael Enright’s essays on CBC Sunday Edition.

Robert Pirsig challenged us to pay attention to the small details in our lives

The short pieces in the PBS NewsHour’s Essays and IMHO series. Here’s an example—

Derek Thompson explains how powerful stories can change the world for the better

The stories readily available from The Moth on the web and the radio. An example—

Michaela Murphy sees The All-Star Game

Are there places you find ideas for speeches and examples of speaking? Why not tell us about them in a comment.



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