Cast your vote

The election of club officers is over for this year, but the current Toastmaster magazine brings word that there is an opportunity fot the club to vote on seven  amendments to the Toastmasters Bylaws at the International Convention this year. (Unless we have a representative at the convention, we can submit a proxy stating our preference.)

The seven amendments are listed on pages 27 and 28 of the magazine. They are

  • Dues Payments: Methods
  • Dues Payments: Timing
  • International Leadership Comittee Service Timeline
  • Floor Candidacy Prerequisites
  • International Director Qualifications
  • Minimum Vote Percentage
  • Honorary Club Membership

The first two certainly are overdue for discussion by the board (and I think Ralph’s opinion as out long-time treasurer ought to guide us) and the amendment about International Director Qualifications is probably a good idea. The others don’t seem to touch our club directly. Please take a moment to look them over and pass your opinion along to Anna and Kate.


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