Speaking Lessons from Podcast Hosts

I was tempted to let the post Let Your Favorite Podcast Hosts Fix Your Public Speaking Problems go unmentioned, especially when I read the tag line “Podcast hosts from NPR, WNYC Studios, and more explain why they let themselves say “like” and “um” as much as they want.”  The podcast hosts included are Guy Raz, Lindsey Weber, Bobby Finger, Glynn Washington, and, best of all, Manoush Zomorodi. She’s the host at Note to Self,  one of the podcasts I try to listen to regularly. Her talk at this year’s TED conference was just posted yesterday and I found it really refreshing. See what she has to say in the article, then see how you think she does in her talk.

Here’s a school that starts ’em young

Presentation Guild led me to a brief article about School 21 in London.

What do you think your speaking skills would be like if your primary school streesed oracy development? Do you you think schools in this country spend enough time developing speaking skills?

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