The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year

I actually read about this selection in the morning papers. The New York Times suggests that the word has been around since the 1960s and points out the the short list for selection also included milkshake duck and broflake. Language certainly does change.


Seth Godin has a lesson for speakers

Seth Godin’s post today is titled “Different people hear differently.” Read it carefully.

What you say is not nearly as important as what we hear.

Which means that the words matter, and so does the way we say them. And how we say them. And what we do after we say them.

It takes two to be understood. Not just speaking clearly, but speaking in a way that you can be understood.

Empathy is not sufficient. Compassion is more useful, because it’s possible to talk to someone who is experiencing something that you’ve never experienced.

A surprising church sign

Twitter frequently publishes a collection of signs currently displayed in front of churches. This one is sure to get a grammarian’s attention. How about yours?

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