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Procrastinators have a patron saint?


About as clearly said as you can get

#speechmoves didn’t mean anything to me either, but when I followed the hashtag I found posts from Madeleine Allbright, James Comey, and many more. #speechmoves, an initiative of Washington Speakers Bureau, is

a non-partisan movement to reinforce the power of speech. Social media has become a massive influence in our society. It allows people the freedom to share their opinions with the world, but also provides a veil of anonymity. As champions of the shared idea for nearly four decades, WSB developed the Speech Moves movement as a reminder that what you say matters regardless of where you say it.

If you want to share a video that tells the world what moves you, the web site has instructions.


The annual SXSW conference has begun. Find out how you can watch some of the sessions.

You can also find the notes that Evernote is taking of 50 sessions.

And you can listen to some of the music sessions at Spotify.


Just a Thought


Rules for Mentors

You may have noticed the emphasis on mentoring in Pathways. From Fast Company, what might be a valuable resource.


Tell all the people that you see

from the weekly Creative Mornings newsletter. This makes me want to take another look at Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work. How does it inspire you?


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