Club Resources

Club Supplies (kept in meeting room closet)

Better Speaker Series

Scripts include

Beginning Your Speech, Concluding Your Speech, Controlling Your Fear, Impromptu Speaking, Selecting Your Topic, Know Your Audience, Organizing Your Speech, Creating An Introduction, Preparation And Practice, Using Body Language

Successful Club Series

Scripts include

Moments Of Truth, Finding New Members For Your Club, Evaluate To Motivate, Closing The Sale, Creating The Best Club Climate, Meeting Roles And Responsibilities, Mentoring, Keeping The Commitment, Going Beyond Our Club, How To Be A Distinguished Club, The Toastmasters Educational Program

Leadership Excellence Series

Scripts include

The Visionary Leader, Developing A Mission, Values and Leadership, Goal Setting And Planning, Delegate To Empower, Building A Team, Giving Effective Feedback, The Leader as a Coach, Motivating People, Service And Leadership, Resolving Conflict

Guest packets and extra contents,  Toastmasters magazines, name tag card stock, ballot/evaluation forms, CC and CL manuals for new members, guest book, stopwatch, membership applications.


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