A topical week in word watch

Word Watch is colorful and topical this week with discussions of wasteman, womp womp, and werpt, but it’s for this observation about slang that I call it to your attention—

On Last Week Tonight earlier this week, comedian John Oliver also picked up on how the mainstream adoption of slang, effectively, saps the out-group energies that make slang what it is.


A thirty-day challenge for speakers

@SpeechMoves has been coy in its announcements, but it has been promising a thirty-day challenge, probably beginning this weekend. I’ve shared a fair amount of material from @SpeechMoves here. When the details of this challenge are released, you might find it well worth your time and attention.

The challenge has arrived, and it looks like it will be interesting and a natural for Toastmasters. The preview video hints that the second challenge will address mentoring.

For the fourth

Scholar and novelist Hernan Diaz was born in Argentina, grew up in Sweden, and spent most of his life in the United States. To some degree, he says, he has a foreign accent in every language he speaks. Diaz shares his humble opinion on accent discrimination and “the hospitality at the heart of every language.”

Visit the PBS NewsHour for Hernan’s entire presentation.

For more traditional celebrations, watch the National Archives Declaration of Independence Reading Ceremony at Facebook or YouTube at 10:.00 or listen to NPR’s reading of the Declaration. To get in the mood while you wait for the celebrations to start, you can listen to some appropriate music at Spotify. If you’ve got a resoutce you’d like to share, tell us about it in a comment. Have a great holiday, everyone.


The New Year begins

Novelist and speaker Chimamanda Adichie has a wish for July 1, starting the second half of the calendar year and the beginning of the Toastmaster year.

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