Vocabulary Builder

John Kelly’s retweet of a message by Stan Carey let me know that Akira Okrent has posted a lot of short videos about language and words at YouTube. Wouldn’t it be something to invite Okrent to one of our meetings as a guest grammarian?


Time to get reflective

I’m catching up with some of the things that I neglected yesterday, and I found a reminder from Leadershape that December 1 is a good day to start remembering the year that will soon be history and to plan for 2018. Leadershape presents a series of reflective questions and links to sources that guided them as they prepared the list.

I think you’ll find something here to help you direct your thinking. And if you’ve got a list of questions or practices that you find helpful in your year-end thinking, I’d love to hear about it in a comment to this post.

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